Puppies and Kids Kung Fu

Discussion on the three big Chinese internals, Yiquan, Bajiquan, Piguazhang and other similar styles.

Puppies and Kids Kung Fu

Postby Steve Rowe on Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:34 am

When you get a puppy after it's had it's jabs and microchip you take it along to puppy classes to socialise it, it plays and rolls around with the other puppies learning how to be 'dog', body aware and how to socially interact with other dogs. If it does this well, you can take it out with all the other dog walkers in the park and it learns from a variety of other dogs, this teaches it how to have doggy manners, etiquette and allows it to 'playfight' with a range of other dogs meaning it is socially adjusted, gets good exercise and can defend itself if necessary. This gives it a good life and makes for a happy dog and family.

And THAT is why it's important to bring your children to good Kung Fu classes...

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