no greater force, the power of position

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no greater force, the power of position

Postby rojcewiczj on Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:57 pm

Fitness, strength, greater force, how far can we go? Where do we find the factor which does not just make us a little stronger, a little faster? What is the factor which makes a greater difference than many others combined when confronted
with resistance, with antagonistic forces. I would argue such a factor of relatively greater significance can be found in positioning. At the moment of forces what are the positions of the bodies involved? Without the powerful effect of changing position, a boxing match would simply be two people punching each other until one of them gave up. If we reduce our forms, our movements, our practice to purely self centered mechanical actions, where the attention is purely on my own body, where then is the relationship? The purpose of the posture is to be applied in a certain relation to the opponents posture or position. The skill is to a come into a posture which misdirects the opponents force. If you aim to punch my face and its here, ill make sure its there instead. If you want to push me and I'm here, I'll make sure i'm there instead. Sometimes there is a big change in position, like a side step, sometimes there is a small change in position, like turning the hips to switch the angle. Big changes, small changes, all need to happen in the moment, at every moment, when the opponent uses forces and when I myself use force. What is a skillful punch? One in which you can punch the opponent while changing position to not be punched yourself. What is skillful grappling? One in which you control the opponent while changing position to not be controlled yourself. What alliterative is there? To use greater force? After ten years I feel I can not punch harder than a year after I started. Ten years later I do find that I can move my head away from an opponents punch while I punch them. Can I push harder? No. But I do find I can push while changing my position to redirect the opponents push towards the ground, sending them away while I'm left standing. I feel practicing traditional forms and movements have given me the coordination I need to change my position, even just by a turn, while exerting myself, More than that? I certainly do not feel that ten years of forms and exercise have made me capable of generating remarkably greater forces in any way.
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Re: no greater force, the power of position

Postby Tiga Pukul on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:29 pm

Great post,

Exactly what we propagate in the style of pukulan Bukti Negara. Correct position is incredibly important, perhaps even more important than how to generate full body power (although that also is a big one). I like the saying : 'position before submission', but sane can be said of the hitting arts..
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