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Martial Arts Show - THE MARTIAL MAN

Postby the_martial_man on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:06 pm

Hello everyone my name is Kieren, thank you for accepting my request to join this great site.
This will be my first post here, however many of you may already know me from THE MARTIAL MAN show. Im currently trying to raise the funds needed to continue making the show and start filming Season 2 which promises to deliver just as much knowledge if not more than Season 1. The show is completely none profit and all money raised is used to film all future interviews and episodes. If you guys have benefitted from watching any of the previous videos and would like to support in any way possible then please click on the link below. ... n-season-2

If you are not aware of the work I've been doing then I have also attached a link to my YouTube channel where you can view Season 1. ... p7Nb25Hgah

If you have any requests, comments or suggestions about the show, then please feel free to express them and leave your comments.

Thank you everyone.
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