Training structure

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Training structure

Postby Storm on Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:41 pm

Hello all,
it is my 2nd post here so don't rip my head off is this was discussed already. I didn't find such a topic ;)

Can you please comment on your training structure? Am interested in the ratio between warm up, conditioning exercises, technical exercises (including forms) and partner training. If you use another category feel free to add it and explain a bit.

I ask because as I practice Baguazhang and Ju Jutsu I found the training structure totally different.
For Ju Jutsu it's just a short warm up ca 5%, some break-falls (which I count as conditioning, another 5%) and 90% partner work.
Baguazhang (Gao style) as I experienced it until now has warm up (5%), conditioning (15%), technical exercises (e.g. circle walking, linear exercises 40%) and partner training (40%).
Of course the ratio varies depending on training focus but I would stick to the figures as rough averages.

How is your training? Any reason for the structure? For a martial art to stay martial I would expect at least a quarter of the time to be used for partner training. IMO if the ratio is lower the health aspect is there but the martial aspect fades away.
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