On excessive movement in taijiquan practice

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Re: On excessive movement in taijiquan practice

Postby yeniseri on Sun May 07, 2017 10:59 pm

Now that I think about it, "excessive movement" has a variable of 'yangshenggong" that I may be incapable of experiencing or understanding but when I compare "straight up" Xiaojia Chen shi taijiquan vs the expressed content of form done by Feng Zhiqiang, Wang Yongquan (despite their obvious distinctions of Chen and Yang) there is an interesting correlation with the age/longevity, whether a function of better health, more esoteric taijiquan yangsheng content (of their respective exterior form c ;D )coherent body of training plus healthy genes, it is an excellent subject when one sees what this excessive movement is about.

Function as part of conditioning with "excessive movement" may be the groundwork for lesser martial action but more mind/body coherence ???
Comparing the 37 neigong form aka Old 6 Routine by Zhang Ximou/Wei shuren where movements are 'excessive" (my view without functional content that I can understanbd and decipher but I see it in Feng Zhiqiang's external form.
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