Sensations in Hun Yuan Zhuang 浑元桩

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Re: Sensations in Hun Yuan Zhuang 浑元桩

Postby Yeung on Fri May 12, 2017 9:21 am

Develop tension by stretching to eight sides (支撑八面 zhi cheng ba mian) from打手要言 Essentials of Playing Hands, The Taijiquan Classics, as follows:

Bai Hui百会GV20 - Changqiang长强GV1
Qihai气海CV6 - Ming Men命门GV4
Laogong 劳宫Pc8, left and right
Yong quan涌泉Ki1, left and right

We have discussed attach Qihai to Mingmen, and tensions should described as input variables as these variables can be adjusted according to one's intentions.
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