Jin Zheng and Zheng Jin

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Jin Zheng and Zheng Jin

Postby Yeung on Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:55 am

Is there any difference between Zheng Jin 整劲 and Jin Zheng 劲整?

Jin Zheng came from the THE FIVE-WORD FORMULA 五字訣 by Li Yiyu 李亦畬 (1832-1892) as quoted in the following translation by Paul Brannan:

4. The power is COMPLETE 四曰劤整


The power of your whole body is trained to become a single unit, distinguishing clearly between empty and full. To issue power, there should be a source of it. Power starts from your heel, it is directed at your waist, and expresses at your fingers, issuing from your spine. With it there should also be a rousing of all your spirit. When the opponent’s power is about to come out but has not yet issued, my power connects with and invades his instantly, neither late nor early, as if my skin is a burning fire or as if a spring is gushing forth. I advance and retreat without the slightest disorder, and seeking the straight within the curved, I store and then issue. Thus I am able to be effortlessly successful. This is called “borrowing his force to hit him with” or “using four ounces to move a thousand pounds”.
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Re: Jin Zheng and Zheng Jin

Postby MaartenSFS on Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:52 pm

Only heard of Zhengjin. We call it 震劲. Same thing. It's just a way to Fajin and doesn't have much to do with four ounces overcoming ...
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