Sydney Xing Yi Quan Nei Gong (Internal Power) Class

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Sydney Xing Yi Quan Nei Gong (Internal Power) Class

Postby kwong on Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:53 am

Sydney Xing Yi Quan Nei Gong Class 悉尼形意拳內功班
Sydney. Xingyi Internal Power class

Xingyi is known as one of the three major internal martial arts.

"Xingyi Internal Power” is an important component in the forms of Xingyi. Internal power will not only improve the practitioners’ physical strength and health, but also relieves stress and increases awareness. Xingyi practitioners are generally more long-living in age could have been the benefits from Xingyi Internal Power.

A research grant was granted to Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan and National Taiwan Sports University to investigate the effect of traditionally inherited “Xingyi Internal Power”, and results have demonstrated positive effects on practitioners’ mental status and health when they have practiced “Xingyi Internal Power”.

This course is based on this research, and would focus on teaching the traditional inherited “Xingyi Internal Power”.

Days: Monday and Wednesday nights.
Time: 19.30- 20.45
Location: Mary Ann Park, 66 Mary Ann St, Ultimo NSW 2007 (Near TAFE) or UTS Kung Fu Club training Spot

Fee: $30/ class
$25/ class (UTS Kung Fu Club members)
$50/ week
$40/ week (UTS Kung Fu Club members)

please contact : [email protected] for detail

Instructor: Liao Sifu
About the instructor: Sifu Yi-ren Liao is a disciple of Song Style Xingyi. Trained since his youth, Sifu Liao was graduated with a degree of Chinese Martial Arts from Chinese Culture University, Taiwan, specialised in Xingyi Quan school, Imperial Bagua Quan( Gong Baotian --Wang Zhuangfei Style ), and health improving methods. He has also participated in the research on “Xingyi Internal Power” hosted by Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Accredited Wushu and Martial Arts coach and official judge in Taiwan, with years of coaching experiences.
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