TAIJI Easter Camp 2017, master Lü Baochun, Finland

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TAIJI Easter Camp 2017, master Lü Baochun, Finland

Postby pacoloco on Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:35 pm

Master Lü Baochun's 5th easter camp will be held 14-17.4.2017 in Lohja, FINLAND.

The camp focuses on the 5 steps of Taiji - program:
Posture -> Movement -> Energy -> Mind -> Shen.

This year there will be 2 groups, Posture and Mind. The focus of the groups advances every year.
The camp is open for everyone, no matter the form, style or tradition.
4 days of the camp include 25h of training, food and accommodation.

More info @ http://www.baji.info/easter-camp-5-steps-of-taiji/

“Master Lü Baochun’s way of doing Taiji”, Easter camp 2015

Joona Sillanpää, assistant teacher at the camp
er lu - cannon fist

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