interesting talk and clips (practical method)

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interesting talk and clips (practical method)

Postby cloudz on Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:48 am

I liked this quite a lot.. From what I gather he trains Chen practical method in Korea, and it comes across somewhat differently to how Chen Zonghua teaches that method in his clips.

With Zonghua, I often get the feeling he's getting at something profound, but I just can't get what that is exactly at times.. But sure, I haven't sat and watched them all taking notes, just seen bits here and there over the years. Whereas I totally get what this guy is getting at.. I think..

No mention of Chan si here, but the training this guys talks about reminds me of, for example, the way some Yang family lines push; 'dynamic' pushing.
Oh yeah, here's the link, it's facebook: ... 135113829/
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