Taiji??? vs. Sanda

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Re: Taiji??? vs. Sanda

Postby Subitai on Sat May 13, 2017 10:12 pm


I'm goin' to agree with you that the video is not about fighting but the buck stops there.

I don't care what they are doing with the dan tien...it would not make me jump, turn around and run up a wall.

Drinking the cool aid is not good for any aspect of the "Martial or the Art".

So in reference to yeniseri's concern of a visual that makes a laughingstock of TCC.

Videos like these below, same:

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Re: Taiji??? vs. Sanda

Postby dspyrido on Sun May 14, 2017 2:26 pm

windwalker wrote:Just a gen, comment. Not really to anyone.

For those looking, watch the "dantien" area see how its used in this case.
In each time notice the movement. It's more noticeable towards the end of the clip.
Understood "it's not fighting" just as breaking rocks and things is also "not fighting"

If one wants to understand it using physics, I would suggest wave dynamics might be a good start.

Is that what makes them turn around and run up the wall? Well at least they are learning the useful skill of run-fu.

They must be doing this video for a laugh.
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