United we stand and are dragged

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United we stand and are dragged

Postby KEND on Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:45 pm

It is always satisfying to see hubris take a fall and boy did United do just that. They should start by firing the participants, the PR department who issued the press release and ask for the CEO's resignation. they should know that smearing the victim only works in politics
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Re: United we stand and are dragged

Postby Michael on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:58 am

The euphemistic style of non-commital speech, for example, re-accommodation in reference to literally being bloodied and dragged off a plane under the worst imaginable customer service circumstances, is nearly Orwellian in its spin velocity. Compared to assholes like the United CEO, guys like Trump look attractive, eh?

The only think those fargin iceholes understand is when they lose $1 BILLION USD from market cap, but since the airline market is now just a lazy cartel, I doubt they will be motivated to make the kind of simple changes that cost nothing and mean everything.

I've never flown Virgin, but their CEO said sth. like treating your employees right is where customer service begins. Just like when a masseur is too rough on his patient, it indicates how they treat their own body, I'm sure the treatment of Dr. Dao is an indication of how the corporate machine treats United workers.

How the frak can you even begin to imagine that throwing four paying customers off a plane they've already boarded makes sense in the short or long term? Oh, but they have an algorithim for choosing people "at random".

Since it looks like he wasn't hurt too bad, I'm glad the guy refused to get off the plane in order to show where we are with this. We should all refuse our corporate overlords once in a while, although the pics did seem to show one of the coppers drew his weapon, not sure, damn iPhone 4 video.
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