The exercises of Attila and Sandow - forgotten for a reason?

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Re: The exercises of Attila and Sandow - forgotten for a reason?

Postby phil b on Tue May 02, 2017 8:18 pm

Pavel Macek wrote:phil b - "big" is not the aim. As it is said, bodybuilding is the worst thing that happened to strength training. It is one of the worst choices for martial arts as well. Strength training - different thing. There are much better, much better ways how to get people in shape fast. Contraction of the muscles - sure thing, but: you still need to lift heavy, period. I do follow Sandow's methods - but his real stuff, the way he really trained, not the way he marketed to public.

Patrick - I guess "functional strength for martial arts, if we are discussing it on this forum. They might be very different opinions - and still correct. There might be superficially similar opinions - and completely wrong. Again, for strength endurance, mind-muscle connection, movement quality etc. it is a wrong choice - it is isolation light bodybuilding protocol.

Gentlemen, apart from practicing CMA, I take care of strength & conditioning of the highest level Czech MMA fighters in multiple organisations, trust me, I know the real thing a bit. No theories, no romantic fantasies, no maybes. Please check out e.g. this article:

Hi Pavel,

I know Sandow didn't just use light weights; I recall one of his books has other lifts as part of the routine. As i said, I think the light weight routine is a good way to help unfit people get into a habit of exercising, not the only way, but one way.

The article is a good read and is a testimony to your ability to get results.

all the best

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Re: The exercises of Attila and Sandow - forgotten for a reason?

Postby Pavel Macek on Wed May 03, 2017 2:08 am

Patrick: Oh... Seriously?

Phil: Well said. Thank you for your kind words.
Pavel Macek

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