pursuit of "art" and not getting there til old age?

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Re: pursuit of "art" and not getting there til old age?

Postby marvin8 on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:28 am

robert wrote:
everything wrote:If we say "art" is taking something to the point that it produces a kind of beauty and emotional appreciation / inspiration, you achieved some "art". that should be worthwhile for its own sake.

There is another view of art and that is the pursuit of excellence. In the southwestern US there are people who make boots by hand. Some people make boots of such quality that they are considered artists.

I think that is what Zhuangzi's story of the cook/butcher is about. . . .

I agree with this view. Are all performances of the same Tai Chi form the same? To a casual observer, they do not see the difference. To the trained Tai Chi player, they see the power, connection, balance, alignment, transitions, etc. within the form. They can see the "art" in the form.

The same can be said for fighting. The casual observer sees brutality, "kickboxing" or "boxing." However, the educated fighter sees the art.
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