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Re: Wang Xiangzhai late life teachin style

Postby luniac on Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:56 am

I've arrived at a new conclusion regarding transcending duality of tension/relaxation.

Its an issue of not seeing the forest for the trees.
Take any martial movement, the tension and relaxation are simply 2 prominent elements of the whole of the movement, and their prominence is the reason we naively over analyze these 2 elements.
Other less obvious elements of a martial movement are the skeletal structure, eye position, enemy position, etc etc.
Basically there are infinite details one can attempt to inspect in any single martial movement, and relaxation/tension are just 2 of those details, and there's nothing unusually special about them compared to all the other details.

Therefore, in my opinion, Wang was just reinforcing the idea that one's focus should be on "Yi"(intent), which is the BIG PICTURE, not individual elements like relaxation/tension, because then it just becomes another artificial "technique", ultimately flawed from inception due to limited insight.

Perhaps he really did eliminate everything except the Ti Bao pose, because in his late life wisdom he felt that even Shi Li practice tainted the purity of the Yi(intent)
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