Jon Jones elbow

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Jon Jones elbow

Postby everything on Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:02 pm

Ok ok Jones is not a tai chi guy (but imagine if he were), but he is clearly a master of "elbow":

an interesting tidbit is this looks like fist under the elbow (where the left fist at the end of the move is almost under the right elbow, and both are irrelevant to the application but it's an apt description).

There are dozens more. maybe this one should be your "finish him" (said Mortal Kombat style) move from taijiquan? will jw be happy then?

another interesting tidbit. this shoulder crank has a similar starting move to the "fist under elbow" above. it's the arc motion of the arm. never would've thought of this app but I was told this motion is for a headgrab, then elbow. instead shoulder crank (if he did a strike with his right arm or upward right elbow, it would look more classic form-like):
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