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Re: Telling it like it is

Postby willie on Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:52 pm

johnwang wrote:
Ron Panunto wrote:Chen Taiji has two bare hand sets, yi lu & er lu. The first teaches that the body leads the extremities, and the second teaches that the extremities lead the body. I believe that the first teaches and ingrains body unification, and that the second teaches how to fight with that unified body.

In the following clip, he rotates his waist. let his waist to pull his right leg. It follows the "internal" principle that "body behind arm/leg". But the trade off are:

- There is at least 1/2 to 1 second delay before his waist starts to rotate until his right leg to step forward.
- His waist rotation telegraphs his intention.

The question is, "Does that extra power that he can generated from his body rotation be able to pay off these 2 concerns?" ...

Hi john, nice clip, I seen other clip's of this guy by you. He looks good.
About the hip rotation, as shown. The circles are too big. It would be very easy to fill in the gaps and Catch him either before or after top dead
center. This is why the circles are made smaller and smaller. Of-coarse he is just doing a demo...
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