Williams, Vasiliev, Ryabko Interviews (2004, 2007) — Systema

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Williams, Vasiliev, Ryabko Interviews (2004, 2007) — Systema

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Excerpt from Principles of the Russian System, Pg 5
James Williams on September 2004 wrote:Allowing things to be as they are frees us from fighting and contesting,” says James Williams,
teacher of the martial art of Systema. In this article he gives an in depth explanation of the
philosophy behind the System, in which learning to blend and flow with force is taken to an
exceptional level. “Systema is a state of consciousness, not a series of techniques. . . .

Excerpt from Interview with Vladimir Vasiliev, Pg 10
Mark Hemels on September 2004 wrote:Vladimir Vasiliev is Director and Chief Instructor of the Toronto School of Russian Martial Art.
Born in Russia (1958), Vladimir received intense training from the top Special Operations Units
instructors. His work spans across 10 years of extensive military service with the Special
Operations Unit of Spetsnaz, including regular high-risk covert assignments and missions.
Vladimir also served as trainer for paratroopers, SWAT teams, and elite bodyguards. He moved
to Canada, and in 1993 founded the first school of Russian Martial Art outside Russia. . . .

Excerpt from Interview with Mikhail Ryabko, Pg 16
Kevin Secours on September 2007 wrote:The Russian martial art of Systema first appeared outside its country’s borders back in 1993. What followed was nothing less than a martial invasion. Spearheaded by Vladimir Vasiliev, the charismatic and masterfully skilled former operative from the Russian Special Forces, this unique art spread its roots wide and deep throughout the international community. With its heavy penchant for unorthodox tactics, like all things different and new, Systema was quickly on the receiving end of its share of skepticism and debate. Compounding this was the style’s long history of classified use by Soviet Era military. Still, its efficiency could not be stifled and quickly, leading martial artists and novices alike were turning out in droves to discover the power of this incredible art for themselves. . . .
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