Second Chinese Swordsmanship Fencing Video!

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Re: Second Chinese Swordsmanship Fencing Video!

Postby windwalker on Sun May 06, 2018 3:48 am

At 20:23 if you can view it they do test cutting using a mao dao...on a pig thats been butchered kind of a "Rocky" with a blade.

Was wondering if in your work do you do anything similar.
38:48 some free sparring with weapons..

they also have clips of training and free sparring using gloves.
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Re: Second Chinese Swordsmanship Fencing Video!

Postby MaartenSFS on Sun May 06, 2018 5:28 am

That may be something to try in future. Thrusting is really quite easy, though. Sometimes you have to do it with the blade held horizontally to get through the ribs. It would have been more interesting if it had shown them cutting.

I think that the master at the end that is teaching staff work seems like he knows what he's doing. In future I really want to learn it from my Master, but there is currently no safe way to train it. Bailagan or white waxwood is a very flexible and strong wood, especially using internal fighting methods. The style my Master learned utilises a much shorter staff of the same wood and he also learned it in a village in that region of China. Perhaps I'll try to get him to come to the States and teach it.

I didn't see any weapons sparring in this video but I have not been impressed with A long's stuff in the past and that was before I had learned anything. I never took that series serious. The bloke that has never learned Gongfu acts so naive and every episode has a token rude Laowai that gets his arse kicked and is humbled. Pathetic. Some of the masters that they meet seem legitimate, though, as are their training methods. This series does them a disservice.
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