zhan zhuang to help with directional change

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Re: zhan zhuang to help with directional change

Postby everything on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:51 pm

Trick wrote:Back in Sweden with one GongFu club I was associated with we use to play indoor football(soccer) as warm up and “warm down” before and after GongFu class. We practiced in a very small primary school gymnasium, we divided us up in three man teams and used smaller size floorball goals the games where quick first to three goals king of the hill kind...But of course the GongFu practice was our man goal but the football game except serving as a warm up it also worked as stamina/endurance and also footwork and stability and evasiveness practice....sometimes we played floorball instead....it was very fun so a complete training session could be 4-5 hours....What I want to say is that our indoor football was a complementary to our GongFu practice

If a school did that, I'd enjoy it much more haha.

Play a fun sport then learn some MA. See and use some of the overlap.
amateur practices til gets right pro til can't get wrong
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