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Re: Tai Chi Fighting Strategy

Postby oragami_itto on Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:08 pm

marvin8 wrote:Can anyone explain/give examples of "bi shi ji xü?"

The easiest is when someone pushed your left shoulder with their right hand, you push back on their left shoulder with your right hand. If you've got the internal Dynamics right it peels them off like a bandaid with the contact point in your shoulder as a pivot
marvin8 wrote:
oragami_itto wrote:I really like Gou Sifu and what he has to say. I'm actually focusing somewhat on wen jin in freestyle push hands at the moment. Seemingly infinite variations in timing there with finite results.

Can you explain/give examples of different timings of "wen jin" with "results."

The results are either it works or it doesn't. Depending on what you are putting into it they will fall down or step back.

The timings are most simply too early, too late, or on time. The variations in that are due to where on the body you are trying to do it, whether it's a single hand attempt or double hand, how responsive the partner is, etc.

Too early means they haven't responded to the first Force so they respond to the second Force, which is the one you want to catch them with.
Too late and the response is fully formed and they have a chance to switch to a new response for the second Force.
Right on time lands the second Force simultaneously with the opponents stirring to respond. Instead of feeling their response set and you fight against it, it just adds to your Force and they just seemingly magically peel back.

The most successful method for getting the timing right I've stumbled on is feeling like you're throwing something small from one hand to the other through their structure and then swatting or pushing with the catching hand.

It always feels more profound when you discover it than it does when you explain it.
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Re: Tai Chi Fighting Strategy

Postby dspyrido on Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:12 pm

Steve James wrote:Running away would work, but it wouldn't be considered winning. This is not tcc, but it might have saved his life.


I dont think he walked out due to fight odds. It was supposed to be over the contract.

Doesn't take away from the point but in a weird play of events I would see this as a win. Hospital bills and recovery time probably cost a lot more than his final purse.
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