Xinyiliuhequan in China?

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Re: Xinyiliuhequan in China?

Postby Trick on Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:56 pm

johnwang wrote:
Trick wrote:I would say it depends on what kind of “forms” one learn ? And why go to China to just do sparring?......

In Taiwan, when I was young, I wanted to learn

- SC master Chang Tung Sheng's "head lock".
- Baji master Liu Yuan-Chao's "tiger climb mountain".
- Zimen master Xiong Jian-Shun's "Dim Mak".
- Northern Shaolin master Kao Fen-Xian's "lighting skill".
- ...

IMO, you go to a foreign country to learn the "door guarding" skill from certain CMA masters. You don't just want to learn the forms from them.

As long as ones China stay lives up to or exceed ones OWN expectations so why not.
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