5 elements beginner attempts

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5 elements beginner attempts

Postby everything on Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:35 am

After watching maybe one hour of 5 elements videos, I picked up an umbrella, then a stick, then two spatulas, then two blades, then two remote controls, and just sort of tried things. I do this every few years after reading threads here.

Random perpetual beginner observations (very obvious and oft-mentioned, I think):
- intuitive. probably the only MA that seems instantly "oh right so that makes perfect sense" and your body "gets" it right away.
- high transferability. pick up any spear/stick-like object and it pretty much just works. unarmed also makes more sense after that.
- footwork. some of the footwork is intuitive. if you try beng with a long stick, there is essentially a way your feet must go
- learning curve. one should start the "big 3" here, theoretically. taiji and bagua seem more confusing, but seem more approachable after this.
- linearity/circularity. it seems "linear" and "direct" which makes sense if it's a spear. there is circularity but it makes you wonder more about bagua
- conciseness. the core seems concise in a very good way. dunno about animals and so on.
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Re: 5 elements beginner attempts

Postby edededed on Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:17 am

It might be harder to try 12-animal-ing with the various implements. ;)

For bagua, the footwork is the same, but weapons usage may be more complex.
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