Compression Yeilding

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Re: Compression Yeilding

Postby marvin8 on Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:06 pm

johnwang wrote:
marvin8 wrote:"MA training without using footwork" is a good idea,

You changed my meaning by cutting my sentence and taking it out of context. This is what I replied:
marvin8 wrote:
johnwang wrote:This is why I don't like the stationary PH. Any MA training without using footwork is bad idea. When a punch comes toward you, if you just move yourself out of the way, you don't even need to yield into it.

"MA training without using footwork" is a good idea, at times. Because, this trains one to yield, stick, follow and finish an opponent while staying in range, before an opponent can recover his/her guard:

johnwang wrote:These 2 clips show that MA training with footwork is a good idea.

Running punch:

Running in like a "mad man" may be neutralized with the right tactics. Silva KO's Belfort:
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Re: Compression Yeilding

Postby cloudz on Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:10 am

There can be pro's and con's for most things.
Of course (trying to)yield with your head or face to a punch is "out there" in many respects but then again, boxers have been "rolling with the punches" for generations.
Head and body movement that 'yields' to incoming force can be very useful - and probably should become a habit. Failure to be expected of course, but still, it makes sense to move if possible in some way to mitigate the incoming, someway somehow.

The feet - in just a training sense fixed vs. stationary, stepping can (feel like) become like a bonus. people can get really great at getting things out the way, including their head. Like taking the sight away to up the senses, take mobility away to get better at yielding were you stand. Why not include the head and neck in stationary pushing..

And.... there always time for Augustus!

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