Definition of yielding

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Re: Definition of yielding

Postby cloudz on Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:54 am

windwalker wrote:
cloudz wrote:personally i think it's better to try to understand "yield" in it's English meaning and see how it applies to what one does.
trying to map it directly to Chinese terminology isn't really necessary and just confuses things and adds unecessary complexities.

of course 'yielding' is encompassed comfortably within the four skills of tui shou however this is not to say that a wider and broader treatment of yielding; as it applies to other parts of 'the fight' are not also useful and usable.

IME I've never heard of it being expressed as "yielding"
Do agree that using this as an english equivalent can be misleading and confusing.

The terminology used by those I was taught by in their native tongue, was "hua" to dissolve/neutralize the force.
There are many ways to do this.
Yielding ie, giving up space might be one way but not the preferred method.

Being able to "hua" can be done at the point of contact with no movement allowing one to maintain their space while the other sensing
they've encountered emptiness is forced to change.. This is called transformation.

Its at this transition point, that the other is very vulnerable either adding 4oz or subtracting it...
It happen very quick in application if done correctly there is no real recovery from it.

Most people "training" this through ph IMO get the wrong idea feeling they will have time to sense and adjust
to the change..... Ideally it happens at first contact, sometime even before contact is made.

i don't really disagree
in another thread recently I think i mentioned that for me yielding is a category of "hua"; one kind of way to do it, not the only one.
and mentioned a couple others..
this for me is more about how people understand and categorise the terminology.

which is why what 'yield' means to me is pretty simplistic martially speaking; it's a sub category of the broader "hua"; transforming neutralizing.

the way i like to think about the broader 'transforming' is the process of transforming an incoming offense, into your own counter. that's the heart of it - the specific means, are varied..

think we're prolly on the same page mate. :)
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Re: Definition of yielding

Postby windwalker on Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:21 am

"think we're prolly on the same page mate. :)"

I like to think most of us are although due to the nature of the net it's not always clear.
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Re: Definition of yielding

Postby johnwang on Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:48 am

cloudz wrote:transforming an incoming offense, into your own counter.

The following counter may fit in your definition:

You punch at my right side, I borrow your force, spin my body, and use my left hand to circular punch you.

The concern is whether that contact is necessary or not.
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