Traditional fighting method

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Re: Traditional fighting method

Postby roger hao on Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:26 am

The Bagua vs MMa fight would have been good if - while swinging his arm
like a fool - he had stepped in and windmill punched the MMA guy with an uppercut
and knocked him out. Moe-Larry-Curly style.
roger hao
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Re: Traditional fighting method

Postby D_Glenn on Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:39 am

If I had more exposure to the tjq form and knew the names of all the moves, I bet I could give a play by play account of that altercation. :)
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Re: Traditional fighting method

Postby Bhassler on Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:59 am

Excerpt from"Master Koh Ah Tee:
John Chow of Tao of Tai Chi Chuan Institute on his Taipei trip, June/July 2005 wrote:
Master Koh Ah Tee is one of the outstanding masters of the “next generation” -those coming after the old masters.

Master Koh Ah Tee studied under several top masters of the Cheng Mang Ching lineage:- Tan Ching Ngee, Wu Guo Zhong, and Lau Kim Hong. He has advanced his understanding to a very high level.

Master Koh Ah Tee believes Tai Chi Chuan is a teaching of the Dao. He reads the Dao De Jing daily. His Tai Chi Chuan is formless. He says all the different styles of Tai Chi Chuan was what the old masters had created by themselves from their own experience and understanding, and it is their own individual expressions. It is their students who learnt the teachings and formalised them into definitive structures that became styles. These are the teachings of human beings, and are not the Dao. In reality, there are no styles. There are only 2 types of Tai Chi Chuan:- incorrect Tai Chi Chuan, and correct Tai Chi Chuan which is based on the old classics, which are in accord with the Dao.

Master Koh Ah Tee says correct Tai Chi Chuan is formless. It should not look like this movement, or that movement. All the movements we have in our Tai Chi Chuan styles were created by the old masters to reflect their ideas about the Dao. They are ideas and creations. They are not the Dao. The real Dao is formless. Therefore, everything we do, speak, act, thinks or feel is movement of the Dao. We must understand the way of the Dao and apply that to our bodies, speech, minds, functions and activities. That is practising the Dao. As long as the expressions are in accord with the Dao, that is correct Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Koh Ah Tee emphasised to practise the exercise form. Everything and every training is found in the exercise form. Relaxation, yielding, neutralising, attacking, stepping, alignment, Fa Jing, Yin & Yang, emptiness, 13 Postures Nei Gong, mental intent etc etc are included in the exercise form. . . .

How does one develop high combat skill? Practise the exercise form diligently. One is formless and one’s techniques have no format. Thus, the opponent can not know what shape or form or direction one is coming from. One is empty so the opponent can not find one and thus, can not effectively attack. All these abilities arise from diligent practise of the exercise form.

Similar answers are given for other training devises such as the San Shou (2 person sparring set).

I note that when Master Koh Ah Tee was developing his Tai Chi Chuan skills, he trained hard as all others do. Now that he has attained skills and understanding, he has attained to a high level, and discarded fixed format and fixed techniques and fixed styles. He has discarded various different “extra implementations used as training devices by other masters. His Tai Chi Chuan is formless.

Koh Ah Tee --> Kowahtee --> Korotty --> Karate

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