Waysun Liao

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Waysun Liao

Postby CarstenM on Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:12 am

Hey guys,

in the past I came across the name Wayson Liao a few times, never thinking too much about him as his backstory sounded too hollywood (learning from a wandering Daoist and stuff... ;) ). But recently I saw some of his Dvds and was really impressed, the knowledge he shares is absolutely top :o
Still, the proof is always in the touch, so has anybody here met him and touched hands with him?
Some input would be really appreciated!!!


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Re: Waysun Liao

Postby Peacedog on Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:24 am

Waysun has the goods, but he won't teach you how to get there. He stopped doing that in the 90's.

He was also psychotic and violent when younger. He's an old man now, so who knows.

Gary Clyman got all of Waysun's internal practices and tai chi, so if you want to learn Waysun's material go study with Clyman. He didn't get the sword work. Waysun cut him off once he figured out Gary had learned the internal practices properly.

A lot of people around here don't like him, but I've known Gary for going on 20 years and he's the real deal as well.
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Re: Waysun Liao

Postby yeniseri on Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:08 pm

He is well respected but is a clever bastard ;D
He has some good followers who expect to get what he knows but it is an unrelenting task.
I met him about 25 or so years ago when in presence of one of my teachers but as usual he has few (my limited observation) of any who possess his level of skill.

BTW: All skill is useful despite its paucity that it is claimed to be, and even less so.
God is great ;D aka all respect to the teacher
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