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Knife Work....

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 7:29 pm
by Franklin
just a heads up- Steve Grody just released this new series on knife work
I know he has been working on releasing and filming this material for a while
and from what he has told me about it (haven't seen the finished product yet)
it seems it would be well worth the watch if you are interested in this stuff
plus-- its a real steal at this price.. (i think over 3 hours of video for less the 100$)

there is a trailer on the link --
but i don't know how to embed a vimeo video
---- end edit

for you guys who don't know
Steve Grody is pretty deep into the Filipino and Jeet Kune Do Martial World
but is pretty low key
and he has studied and practiced kung fu since the 70's
he was a senior student of Share K Lew
(in that sense he is my very very senior school brother)

check it out if you are interested