Side effects of the deep breathings

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Re: Side effects of the deep breathings

Postby wiesiek on Fri Jan 29, 2021 2:05 am

- disease is the final result of blocked emotions .
Do you remember "gut feeling" when something really touched you emotionally?
We are used to "go over", and this feeling seems to disappear in time, sooner or later. However it is remembered by our body in the form of micro tension, and mentally you don`t fell it any more, but it sits there...
During life we "collecting" such micro tensions and this may develop recognized by Doc`s disease.

When you enter >alerted state<, saved and packed, as the micro-tension emotions - are withdraw and you have chance to dissolve them, not simply get rid of them. This is big difference (hopin` that I`m using proper vocabulary) - "getting rid" is somehow like "goin` over" -so it is not end of the problem, just masking. By >dissolve< I mean full recognition, what theoretically is not so hard, but reality is, (my experience), that you need lot of trials to nail and named it.

old and heavy emotion are usually cover by something "lighter" - this may bring filings of the never ending story, but reword is worth of the efforts.

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Re: Side effects of the deep breathings

Postby everything on Mon Feb 01, 2021 10:39 pm

Ok really interesting thanks. I think we all know some emotional states and common body responses like:

Tense and nervous: tension in neck and upper back

Nervousness around a special someone: butterflies in stomach. Maybe blushing for some.

Anger: shengqi. Energy all over.
Interesting about the long term ones.
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