Origin of Taichi Explanation

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Re: Origin of Taichi Explanation

Postby robert on Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:59 am

charles wrote:His is an interesting performance. It seems to include stylistic elements usually found in Xin Jia and Xioa Jia.

I agree. I can understand why the people who studied with CZP and CZK called CZK's form new frame, but it's unfortunate as, IMHO, it's just another variation. I found another laojia linage in Chenjiagou on youtube and it seems to have elements of xinjia.

This is Chen Zhaosen.

Under the influence of clan Wushu in his childhood, he learned clan skills of Taijiquan, weapon, internal energy, hand-push and attack-defence from his father Chen Shangquan and his uncle Chen Shangxiao.

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The method of practicing this boxing art is nothing more than opening and closing, passive and active. The subtlety of the art is based entirely upon their alternations. Chen Xin
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