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Postby marvin8 on Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:21 am

DeusTrismegistus wrote:
marvin8 wrote:
DeusTrismegistus wrote:World record long jump is just under 30' at 8.95 meters set in 1991. This guy is certainly impressive but I would not consider thing Qing Gong, just real good athletics.

So then, what is the world record long jump or standing vertical jump using Qing Gong?

Beats me. IMO that is a BS question. Qing Gong is ,afaik, "Lightness Skill". This encompasses more than just being able to jump high or far. It is also a skill that supposedly takes a decade of dedicated practice to learn and needs to be started when young. So unless someone wants to find a kid and force them to do a decade of weird exercises you will probably never get an answer. The few might know this skill probably are too old to care about the competitions of youngsters and may have lost a lot of the jumping skills from age anyways.

Basically unless you have done the work to learn the skill yourself or know someone else who has it is pointless to compare the legends and stories to modern examples.

I believe it is a fair question. At 25:39, Chen Shixing demonstrates and teaches lightness skill:


A master teaching lightness skill, walking on eggs:


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