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New: Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System : The D

PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:25 am
by Bob
New material from Tom Bisio

For those who are interested - I have always found his material to be a good balance between practitioner and well documented references - His material has been very helpful for "triangulating" my own practice and material I have learned.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with his school, students or have had any personal contact with him so I don't receive kickback from the sell of his products and/or material LOL

Simply posted for a point of references again for those who are interested.

Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System : The Daoist Way to Health, Long Life & Boundless Energy Kindle Edition
by Tom Bisio (Author) ... B08NXHTFDS

Daoist teachings contain many methods for the development and transformation of the internal energy of human beings. Thousands of years ago, proto-Daoist Yang Sheng (Life Nourishing) adepts began to study and experiment with methods of extending life. Over many centuries, sages and hermits who lived in harmony with the natural world developed self-cultivation techniques that nourished the life force, prevented disease, extended one’s lifespan, and cultivated spiritual transcendence. One important discovery the ancient sages made was that because human life has many aspects, no one method would suffice to nourish life and promote longevity. One needs an interlocking system of methods and techniques in order to address the many aspects of human existence – work, play, diet, sexuality, seasonal change, health and disease, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life. Moreover, these methods have to be natural, resonating with the universal energies of which human beings are a part. The Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System teaches and promotes practical and contemporary Daoist approaches to improving health, balanced living, longevity, and an embodied spiritual path that is free of ritual, rules and constraint. This little book outlines the Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System, in order to help each individual navigate his or her own path. It is not a ho-to book but rather and overview and outline of the training methods taught live and in online programs ( Include:•Mountain Sages: The Nourishing Life Tradition in Ancient China•Ge Hong & Chen Tuan; Inspiration & Insight into Longevity & Transcendence from Two Daoist Sages•Dao Yin: Unblocking the Meridians & Balancing the Qi Dynamic•Daoist Yoga: Balancing the Fascial Web & Opening Energy Gates•Qi Gong: Healing the Organs and Strengthening the Body•Longevity Diet: Nourishing the Life Force•Internal Martial Arts: Strengthening the Will & Adapting to Change•Ba Gua Energy Practices: Connecting Heaven & Earth•Daoist Meditation: Calming the Heart-Mind & Transforming Energy•Sexual Cultivation: Connecting Life Force with Qi & Spirit•Heavenly Qi: Living in Harmony With the Seasons •Steps on the Path: Stages of Self-CultivationIn organizing the Two Immortals two Daoist Sages serve as models - Ge Hong and Chen Tuan exemplify our approach to self-cultivation. Both men employed a variety of self-cultivation methods in order to address all aspects of human life in order to develop themselves and guide others.Tom Bisio is known internationally as a martial artist, practitioner of Chinese medicine, educator and author. He has studied Chinese medicine and martial arts extensively in Mainland China and practiced acupuncture, Tui Na and herbal medicine since 1990. Tom has taught internal Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Daoist Meditation, and Life Nourishing Longevity practices for more than three decades. He has written numerous books and articles on Martial Arts, Nei Gong, Daoist Meditation and Chinese medicine, and is the founder of Internal Arts International (IAI) ( and the Two Immortals Life Nourishing Longevity System.