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Postby johnwang on Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:12 pm

Many things can be seen in this short GIF.

1. The hook punch can be powerful.
2. To use a low roundhouse kick (or foot sweep) to set up a hook punch is good strategy.
3. Most hook always come in pair, a left hook followed by a right hook.
4. If you rotate your arm the same direction as your opponent's arm is rotating, his arm cannot make contact on your arm. You will lead your opponent into the emptiness.
5. It's dangerous when your circular punch is hitting into the thin air. Your opponent's circular punch will come in through the opening you have just created.
6. ...

5. can be an interested discussion. What should you do if you have realized that your left hook just hit into the thin air?


1. You should reverse your left hook and change it into a back fist, comb hair, or inside out block. This way, you can seal the hole that you have just created. Your opponent's right hook will have no space to come in and knock you down.
2. You can change your left hook into a left downward parry, followed by a grab. If your left hand can grab on your opponent's right wrist, his right hook cannot come to your head.

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