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Postby Bao on Sun Aug 01, 2021 5:16 am

GrahamB wrote: I've no idea when the earliest reference to "Quan" is.

Me neither. This is the earliest I have found so far, from the Daoist philosopher Ge Hong (283-363):

“All the martial arts [quan] have secret formulas to describe important techniques and have secret mysterious methods to overcome an opponent. If an opponent is kept unaware of these, then one could defeat him at will.

(So this quote is more than a couple of hundred of years before Bodhidharma. The Chinese Martial Arts are original Chinese and connected to Daoist exercises and military warfare, rather than having anything to do with Buddhism or anything Indian.)

However I fail to see the relevance of this to the discussion. Have you actually listened to the podcast in the OP?

Nobody is saying boxing arts aren't really old or that people weren't doing them way back.

I have listened to the podcast, yes. I replied to Tom's objection and to your reply to his objection. What I said has relevance to Tom's objection and to your reply to Tom. I have no interest to discuss the content of the podcast. I reacted to that you replied to him using the combination of the two words "all that" without explaining, and therefore I asked you what you meant. I had already listened to the podcast.
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