Byron Jacobs on Beijing's martial arts.

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Re: Byron Jacob's on Beijing's martial arts.

Postby GrahamB on Tue Oct 05, 2021 12:27 pm

I don't imagine Byron will read this thread. He's currently attending a Naadam in Xilin Gol in Inner Mongolia - I wonder if he knows he's wasting his time talking to the experts there? He should have gone to Baltimore.
I could be wrong.
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Re: Byron Jacob's on Beijing's martial arts.

Postby nicklinjm on Tue Oct 05, 2021 5:48 pm

There are some genuine issues to unpack here - as a practitioner of CMA, is it worth visiting or training in Beijing? Having visited pretty much every year over the last 10 years (prior to covid), I would say yes, because for a whole bunch of northern CMA that you could care to name (xingyi / bagua / taiji / yiquan / tongbei / san huang paochui), for each substyle there are several teachers teaching quality material from complete systems.

However, the Duan BS-ery has to be acknowledged - a lot of the professors at wushu academies with 6th Duan or 7th Duan have no gongfu to speak of. Also AFAIK there are almost no platforms in which to test your trad CMA in Beijing apart from going to a Sanda comp or MMA tournament. The Leitai events under the Kuoshu banner in the US and other places are well organised on the whole and have good rulesets.

So I still think RSF board members owe it to themselves to visit and try and study there at least once!
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Re: Byron Jacob's on Beijing's martial arts.

Postby xxxxx on Wed Oct 06, 2021 12:51 pm

Rhen wrote:You know, they have Lei tai in Baltimore USA for little bitches like Graham and Bryon to prove their worth. Save your money and fight in that you twats.

Mr. Dougby will be unable to participate further in this thread for awhile.
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