Psalm 84:7 From strength to strength

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Psalm 84:7 From strength to strength

Postby Yeung on Tue Sep 07, 2021 12:53 am




Key words: Taijiquan, mind-directed, stored elastic energy, eccentric muscle contraction, concentric muscle contraction
Non-concentric Taijiquan is a mind-directed, stretchy, and springy exercise without the use of concentric muscle contraction for self-defense. The utilization of stored elastic energy without concentric muscle contraction has not been studied but it has been discussed in the martial arts community for more than a century in China. Yeung (2013) suggested that this is possible with two groups of muscles, with one group of muscles issues eccentric force while the other group recoils with stored elastic energy. The aim of this paper is to verify that it is possible to utilize stored elastic energy in Non-concentric Taijiquan.
The methodology is qualitative quadrilateral research method with in depth study of Taijiquan for self-defense, review by a panel of long time practitioners and teachers of Taijiquan, and a falsification process via the public forum of Rum Soaked Fist (a discussion forum for people interested in the internal martial arts), and trials by teachers with their students and participants of workshops.
The design of testing the possibility of utilizing stored elastic energy with eccentric muscle contraction came from the in depth study of Taiji pushing hand techniques, its viability was proven by the panel, and it was not falsified in the public forum. Students and participants were told to stretch forward both their arms with elbows pointed downward and being pressed down to an equilibrium position with a weight produced by the researcher approximately over his or her one repetition maximum to eliminate the attempt to push the weight with concentric muscle contraction. All the subjects after clear instructions were given and some practicings can push the weight away by utiliz-ing another group of muscles eccentrically with ease.
The utilization of stored elastic energy in Non-concentric Taijiquan is possible and it is observable and workable for people with the knowhow, but further studies are required to produce the exact measurements for generalization as an unique feature of Non-concentric Taijiquan.
Shen, Jiazhen (1963), Chen Shi Taijiquan, Chapters 1 to 3, reprinted in the Complete Books of Taijiquan, edited and published by the People’s Publication, 1988, pp 1-226 (In Chinese)
Yeung, Y.C. (2013) Non-concentric Exercise Model from Chinese Martial Arts, IMAS Quarterly, Vol.2 Issue 2 Spring
(Page: 265 26th Annual Congress of the EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF SPORT SCIENCE 8th - 10th September 2021, BOOK OF ABSTRACTS, Edited by: Dela, F., Helge, J.W., Müller, E., Tsolakidis, E., ISBN 978-3-9818414-4-2)
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Re: Psalm 84:7 From strength to strength

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is your idea roughly the same as or similar to using the stretch reflex (the "eccentric" phase causes receptors to detect the stretches - the afferent part of the information flow to CNS. then there is efferent part of the reflex: information from CNS out to the muscles). for example, tennis servers "stretch" their arms, backs, legs, etc., downward/backward and use that "stored compression" (as a stretch reflex) for the "eccentric"/forward/upward/downward motion (the serve action). I would say it's the same thing, but perhaps there are nuances that are different. "Internal" to me is as Sun described it, not any of this (albeit all super good stuff), and none of this is some kind of modern understanding of what he said. ... tch-reflex
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