How would you defend against this punch combo?

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Re: How would you defend against this punch combo?

Postby wayne hansen on Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:46 pm

Taking Mike to the ground might be the pleasure u think
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Re: How would you defend against this punch combo?

Postby Doc Stier on Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:52 pm

marvin8 wrote:I took the OP question as, Tyson is close and already throwing his hook and uppercut combinations. But, that may be wrong.

So, how do you propose to "defend against and counter Tyson's hook and uppercut combinations?" That is not clear to me.

Correct. That's exactly what my OP question is asking. Is it practical and realistic to assume that typical push hands techniques, or sticking hands techniques, as most practitioners train them can be successfully applied to the combinations of a fighter like Tyson, who possesses considerable size, strength, and athletic conditioning, as well as substantial speed and power?

He doesn't leave much hanging out there for anyone to attach and stick to while he aggressively executes such rapid, powerful punch combos at close quarters. And when he lands these punches, you better hope that you have sufficient external strength and enough internal power to weather the storm. Just saying.
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Re: How would you defend against this punch combo?

Postby wiesiek on Sun Jan 16, 2022 12:19 pm

Marvin, as I stated before:
If you weight isn`t close to heavy weight: 1st., of all - you have avoid been on the receiving end of his punch,
when we consider fighters, with similar physicals attributes - straight attack in the center could be a answer.
Throwing him...., well from my limited experience - execution of successful "big throw" is quite hard, if you have good trained enemy much bigger/heavier then you. You have to wait for his mistake :). Same, even if you are similar size, trying to enter for the throw - when he is executing his favorite combo is suicidal, unless you are able absorb an redirect heavy weight punch.
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