oh hai, training partners in SW London

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oh hai, training partners in SW London

Postby yusuf on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:43 am

hi all

anyone want to do some training.. 2 man drills in stand up, wrestling and ground range.. if you like it you'll need a cup, shin protectors and mma gloves, but we can build up to heavy contact if you want...bare hand only, apologies

This is a training not teaching... if you are after a teacher then Paul Whitrod should be your first port of call, he doles out the correct level of bitter.. Darren (kingmonkey) is also deep into good traditional training and definitely worth visiting for pure IMA (link to him in the Serge Augier teaching thread).

Please pm or fb me, i can make time at weekends or late evenings..ta

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lol, there really isn't a problem at all
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