Chen style in Shanghai or Chen Village

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Chen style in Shanghai or Chen Village

Postby Serena on Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:58 am

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Re: Chen style in Shanghai or Chen Village

Postby nicklinjm on Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:55 am

Really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to just learn a form then there are dozens of teachers in Shanghai teaching forms originally coming from Chen Zhaokui in Shanghai. However, if you are looking for something beyond that, to include jibengong, usage, etc, then it becomes a lot more difficult.

Probably the best students of Chen Zhaokui in Shanghai were Du Wencai, Zhang Caigen and Wan Wende. However, these days it is almost impossible to find students of the first two, and the only students of Wan Wende I know either don't teach publicly any more (Gu Yongfa) or just teach form (Zhang Lingxian at Hongkou park). There is also a teacher called Liu Hongcai in Shanghai who studied directly from both Chen Zhaokui and Feng Zhiqiang and who definitely knows how to use the art, but not sure if he accepts students any more.

In Beijing if you are interested in Chen Zhaokui's teachings then I am a bit surprised why you would not consider his own son Chen Yu or Zhou Jige (CZK -> Yang Wenhu -> Zhou Jige). If I were looking to visit Ma Hong's students I would look at either Yang Hefa (v good qinna) in Shijiazhuang or Gong Dapeng in Zhengzhou.

No opinion on Chen Bing vs Chen Zhaosen, will have to leave that to other forum members.
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Re: Chen style in Shanghai or Chen Village

Postby Ozguorui on Sat Aug 06, 2016 3:49 am

My teacher, Guo Hui Po, learnt from Li Enjiu (Hong Junsheng's "inheritor"). He has a martial arts studio near Zhongshan Park in Shanghai. Is it Chen, is it Hong.....I can't is a bit of advertising (I never knew his English name was Peter till I saw this...)

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