New School in Jiayi/Yenshui/Tainan area of Taiwan

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New School in Jiayi/Yenshui/Tainan area of Taiwan

Postby Appledog on Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:09 pm

If you live around the Jiayi, Yenshui, Baihe, or Tainan areas (Kaohsiung is maybe 45 min driving time) you may be interested in the opening of...

Chang Yang Cun (常陽村)

This new school (located in Hsinying) is named in honor of the old name for Chenjiagou, is a primarily Tai Chi/Internal arts school. In this school there are special offers for all RSF members:

- You may come and I will teach you what (little) I know for free or in exchange for teaching me.
- Welcome to come any time and practice your own martial arts for free by yourself (must schedule ahead to avoid conflicts and because someone has to be there to open school etc)
- Welcome to come use the space to run your own classes for a reasonable fee
- Traveling martial artists are welcome to stay in the school overnight (there is a shower) for low cost however there is no storage and can't stay during business hours.

There is an AC and the space is big enough for two or possibly three people to do their forms by themselves if you don't mind company. There is enough space for six or seven people to do brush knee, tantui or xingyi up at least fifteen times down the room before turning back. You can see a video of the space here: ... 995898855/

I am only offering the use of the space free to RSF members during off hours. I am still deciding what the membership fees will be like but I am gravitating towards a monthly membership of between $1000 and $2000 NTD ($30 to 60 USD) a month depending on the number of classes you are signing up for and group or private.

Classes will include (by appointment):
* Qigong (5 animal frolics, Taoist Qigong, 2 different kinds of Taiji qigong, Yijinjing/Buddhist style incl. Eight Brocade, 20 Postures qigong, Hunyuan qigong).
* Yang style (5-form, 24-form and variations of 108 Yang long form)
* Chen style Xinjia (Beijing Style, more or less)
* Sun style
* Tai Chi Fan

Guest instructors/by request include:
* Xingyiquan, Yiquan
* Wu style
* Cheng Man Ching style and Taiji sword
* Tantui
* Wushu & Ching Wu forms (Lohan Shi Ba Shou, Ba Bu Lian Quan)
* Wing Chun
* Changquan, Cha Quan
* Bajiquan
* White Crane (Feeding Crane)

There are also cultural classes available including:
* Chinese lessons, Japanese lessons, English lessons (for Chinese)
* Chinese philosophy and meditation, including Taoist, Buddhist, and Zen Meditation
* Chinese painting lessons
* Origami
* Igo (Wei-Qi)

All instructors are qualified and can give qualifications and references upon request.

More details: Ask here, or PM me for phone number.
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Re: New School in Jiayi/Yenshui/Tainan area of Taiwan

Postby edededed on Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:28 pm

That is a very kind offer! (Tainan is of course very far for most of us...) Also, congratulations on opening your school.

It might be helpful to open a website for your school.
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Re: New School in Jiayi/Yenshui/Tainan area of Taiwan

Postby Appledog on Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:04 am

Unfortunately or fortunately I've decided to close this school, mainly because I found that I spent more time in the training space I have in my own home (a converted garage with wooden floor). It's something of a disappointment, I had met many interesting and unique people while it was open, but, the money I save will help me get back to Canada faster and open a better school there, sooner.

Unfortunately or fortunately around the same time the wooden floor in my home has started to collapse from jumping and stomping and so my wife has convinced me to remove the 'difficult' jumping and stomping movements from my main form. It remains to be seen if this becomes another epiphany moment such as training in the night in order to remain unheard :) One can only hope.

I'm still looking for a training partner, and am more than willing to teach someone for free -- it would be an ideal arrangement for me as I am in the phase where having someone to teach provides enough benefit to me that I don't mind not charging.

I offer a mix of traditional tai chi training alongside daoism, I've come to believe that there must be some sort of spiritual training alongside tai chi (although not martial arts in general) in order to provide supports and structure for certain kinds of practice which I feel are vital to tai chi. Such as kinds of 'zen' or taoist meditation, and physical/mental character development. If that is up your alley (or you're willing to put up with it) in order to get some valuable stuff you will not find anywhere else in Taiwan, you can come visit me any time.

It doesn't matter what kind of physical shape you are in or how old you are, classes are made to suit the student. I also don't ask students to do anything I am unable or unwilling to do myself, so I think that is a pretty fair deal!

Good luck to all~
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