Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg in Massachusetts Nov 11-13

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Re: Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg in Florida Nov 11-13

Postby Bodywork on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:36 am

Many people know that I had closed my dojo this last winter to take care of personal matters.

And now that many people know that Roy and I have been training together for years, going back 25 years or so, I surprised my own crew by reopening the dojo and having Roy teach the inaugural class. It was quite a surprise for many as we have been keeping this all under wraps.
Although it has been fun listening to all the misinformed internet chatter over the years.

I'll post more when I get time.

Sitting having lunch with my teacher this afternoon. I told him the events of last night.
He asked me....what did I learn?
I told him that I probably learned more about the Daito-ryu system in 4 hours than I might in 4 years at a dojo.
The down and out? Felt that.
The Sangen stick? Yep, that too.
The yolk!
The aiki body?
The "Drop"
The connected nature...of it all?

Yes...yes...and yes.
As for Aikido?
The hand placements that were lost, or at least, to the masses (the Ikkyo pin?)
Where did they get those incredible elbows? And those beautiful paint strokes?

I didn't tell my Shihan anything that he didn't know, but I do hope these two meet in the future.

If there's a chance to train with Roy Goldberg again, either within or out of a seminar atmosphere, please inform him, I'd be there.

He is a shining example of a seeker that has done, and continues to do the work.
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Re: Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg in Massachusetts Nov 11-13

Postby Tom on Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:35 pm

The date and price remain the same, but the location has changed to central Massachusetts. Please contact Dan Harden at [email protected] for further information.
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Re: Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg in Massachusetts Nov 11-13

Postby hungle0 on Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:23 am

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Re: Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg in Massachusetts Nov 11-13

Postby Bodywork on Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:20 pm

This is our second location the first one cancelled on me at the last minute.

Daito Ryu Seminar Update
Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg
Team link judo center
333 Shrewsbury St,
Worcester, MA 01604
Sat 1-7
Sun 10-6
Mon 11-4:30

Due to the shorter hours we will work straight through on sat and mon.
There are a myriad of hotels nearby in Worcester.
Thank you



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