Free Xing Yi and Chinese Sword Workshops LONDON

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Free Xing Yi and Chinese Sword Workshops LONDON

Postby Pandrews1982 on Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:23 am

I'm holding some free workshops in London Regents Park, this Saturday 22nd October and again on 5th November.

Hebei Xing Yi Quan - 5 elements, practical usage. I went through beng and pi last time I was down with a few guys so I want to go through how these might be used in free application so we'll be doing applications, drills and slow sparring.

Chinese Swordfighting - from Hebei Xing Yi jianfa and Scott Rodell's Michuan Taiji Jianfa. Jian drills and basics with some freeplay. I have a limited number of robust training swords.

Meeting at Regents Park Bar/Kitchen in the south-west of the park next to the Inner Circle at 10am. We'll train near the bandstand in the south-west of the park until mid to late afternoon. I'm there till 5pm and will keep going if people are willing.

All levels and abilities are welcome.

Email me for more info ([email protected])

Paul Andrews (Laoshi, Xing Yi Academy)

My background - I trained Hebei Xingyi for over 12 years under Sifu Damon Smith of the Yongquan Association and now am head of Xing Yi Academy. Our style is a fusion of 3 lines from Hebei Xing Yi. 2 family lineages which came from Gou Yun Shen and a more orthodox lineage through Lui Qi Lan, Li Cun yi, Hao En Guang, Luo Da Cheng and Zhu Guang. We focus on practical usage and individual requirements. I have also cross trained in numerous arts, travelled to Beijing and experienced Yi Quan and Shuai Jiao and practice Chinese Swordfighting under the tutelage of Scott Rodell (USA) combining Scott's Yang style taiji sword with my Xing Yi sword work.
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