April 22, 2017 Great Lakes Tourney & Workshop

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April 22, 2017 Great Lakes Tourney & Workshop

Postby Subitai on Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:08 pm

Hey guys just letting anyone know this upcoming April 22nd I'll be there paying my dues helping out my kung fu brother John Ervin...I'll be doing some judging on the day of the tournament.
Also the follow day Sunday April 23rd(still to be listed) I'll be doing a work shop on 2 things:
(1) "Hung Gar Clinch" A couple of entries and set ups to a standing clinch & how to drill them. How to enter on your opponent & how to receive a person to make them empty. To me those are like having a good gun...if you have that, you can launch any bullet.
(2) Depending on attendees, My Taiji Push Hands tips: In 2015, my students won all events in Tai chi push hands (Fixed step and Free moving) and they had never competed before. That says allot about their instruction, I will teach some of my methods to help you achieve the same results.

*For those that know don't know me, I specialize in Hung Gar and Taiji and my past with san shou & MMA how I relate it back to traditional.

Bonus: I'll be arriving the night before, Friday April 21st (probably around 6pm 'ish) with a couple of my students. We'll be staying at the Hotel where many of the other competitors are staying. If people wanted to engage in some friendly push hands or touch hands down in the lobby during the evening or sometime that weekend I would not be opposed. ;D
Clarion Hotel
26300 Chagrin Boulevard
Beachwood, OH 44122


This year marks the 25th. anniversary of the tournament. This year's event will special VIP guests and Grandmaster appearances. The Great Lakes Kung Fu Championshipsm is the Great Lakes Region's hot spot for traditional Chinese Martial Arts action. Over 150 divisions of traditional northern, southern, internal, weapons, light contact sparring and Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling). For more information you can call John Ervin at 216.431.4991, 216.410.8785 for any questions or registration information

You can download The Tournament Flyer with Hotel / Driving Direction / Tournament Fees etc:
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