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Taiji Bagua Quan of Fu Zhensong, 20th January 2018

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:17 pm
by Yeung
There will be a three hour introductory workshop on the Taiji Bagua Quan of Fu Zhensong on Saturday 20th January 2018, 10 am to 1 pm, at the upper hall of Trinity Methodist Church, Royland Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2EH:

The following is a link to Fu Zhensong:

There are too many details which are not correct but this will give you some general idea of the person Fu Zhensong.

The difference between Baguaquan and Baguazhang is that Baguaquan is a system of martial arts like Xingyi QUAN, Taiji Quan, Hong Quan, etc., while Baguazhang or the Bagua Palm is a routine of the Baguaquan school. Very little is documented on his Baguaquan and the skills of not using brute force, continuity, strength development and springiness are very difficult from a pedagogical point of view. Baguaquan was traditionally taught to people with a strong background in martial arts maybe this is why most people just learned a routine rather than a system.

The content of the workshop will include the followings:

1. Introduction section of Bagua continuity palm including Taiji posture, Yin Yang rotation of the crotch, Sixiang movements, and a short set to form the Bagua palm
2. Steps in Xingyiquan and Taijiquan and Baguaquan
3. Torso movements in Xingyiquan and Taijiquan and Baguaquan
4. Neutralization in Xingyiquan and Taijiquan and Baguaquan
5. The problems of crossing hands
6. Co-ordinations
7. Entrance to contact
8. Adhering

A contribution of £20 will be much appreciated to support further research on non-concentric exercise for extreme performance.

Re: Taiji Bagua Quan of Fu Zhensong, 20th January 2018

PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:13 am
by Yeung
Genealogy of Taijiquan in Chenjiagou 1946

The Genealogy of Taijiquan in Chenjiagou was published in 1946 by Fu Zhenshong and was translated in an article entitled “The Taijiquan of Fu Zhensong”, Australasian Martial Arts, Vol 7, No. 2, 2000, pp. 74-75. The following is a revised version of it with names with their Chinese correspondents:

According to Fu Zhensong the founder of Taijiquan is Zhang Sanfeng 张三峰 and after a number of generations it was passed to Chen Zouting 陈奏庭 the ninth generation of the Chen Family in Chenjiagou陈家沟. The well-known Taijiquan practitioners after Zhang Sanfeng were Wang Zongyue 王宗岳of Shaanxi陕西Province, then Wang Laixien王莱咸 (王来咸)in Shanxi山西Province, then Zhang Songji 张松鸡 (张松溪) of Hongtong County 洪洞县, and then Jiang Fa 蒋发of Henan Province 河南.

The Genealogy of Taijiquan in Chenjiagou from first to ninth generations as follows:

First Generation
Chen Zouting陈奏庭with the nickname of Yaowu 耀武, an expert of Yijing (Booking of Changes) specialized in Taijiquan and taught to son and brother.

Second Generation
Chen Jingbai 陈敬伯had the nickname Changqing长青.

Third Generation
Chen Yuhui 陈毓蕙 had the nickname of Chuting 楚汀, he was a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, specialized in Taijiquan.

Fourth Generation
Chen Jixia陈继夏had the nickname of Bingnan丙南, and was a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, specialized in Taijiquan.

Fifth Generation
Chen Bingwang陈秉旺, Chen Bingren陈秉壬and Chen Bingqi陈秉奇, who were triplets and called the three Taijiquan experts of the Chen Family

Sixth Generation
Chen Changxing陈长兴, had the nickname of Jiufang久芳, son of Chen Bingwan
Chen zhongshen 陈仲甡and Chen Jishen陈季甡, who were Chen Bingqi’s twin sons

Seventh Generation
Chen Gengyun 陈耕枟, the son of Chen Changxing

Seventh Generation of non-Chen Family:
Yang Fukui杨福魁, had the nickname of Luchan禄禅from Yongnian County永年县
Li Baikui李伯魁, had the nickname of Zhihao 之豪, from Hebei河北Province
Chen Qingping 陈清平, had the nickname of Jingan 静安, from Zhaobaojie 赵堡街, Wenxian温县

Eighth Generation taught by Chen Gengyun
Chen Yannian 陈延年had the nickname of Shoupeng寿彭
Chen Yanxi 陈延禧 (熙) had the nickname of Huijie会杰

Eight Generation of non-Chen Family taught by Chen Gengyun
Shi Fengqi 石凤岐 had the nickname of Baoshan宝山

Ninth Generation taught by Chen Yanxi
Chen Lianke陈连科Chen Fake陈发科, Chen Xin陈鑫

Ninth Generation of non-Chen Family taught by Chen Yanxi
Du Yuanhua杜元化 Yuan Keding袁克定, Ji Zhiyi姬致义, Fu Zhensong傅振嵩, all from Huaiqingfu怀庆府 Henan河南Province

Re: Taiji Bagua Quan of Fu Zhensong, 20th January 2018

PostPosted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:25 am
by Yeung
Lieutenant General Sun Bao Gang (1909-1990) was one of the 24th intakes of Chinese students from China by the Imperial Japanese Army Academy (陸軍士官学校 Rikugun Shikan Gakkō). He and others returned to China after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in China began on 18th September, 1931. He joined the Nationalist Army and while he was in Nanjing he learned Taijiquan from Sun Lutang (1860-1933). He stationed in Guangzhou in 1933 where he learned Baguaquan privately from Fu Zhensong (1872–1953) and trained regularly with him until the Sino Japanese war broke out in 1938. After the war in 1945 he met up with Fu Zhensong again until he was forced to leave China in 1949 by the Nationalist Government due to his political association.

Upon the invitation of the Hong Kong Chinwoo Athletic Association in 1966, he began to teach Baguaquan voluntarily in the association twice a week until a few months before he passed away in 6th September 1990.

He was very active in advocating the independence of Hong Kong until 1984 when Britain agreed to hand back Hong Kong to China in 1997. Since then he focused on improving what he learned from Fu Zhensong In memory of his contribution to the theory and practice of Baguaquan, the Association for Advancement of Pak Koa Martial Arts in Hong Kong published a book in his name entitled “The Theory and Practice of Baguaquan”.