Seattle June 23-24: neigong in taiji and xingyi

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Seattle June 23-24: neigong in taiji and xingyi

Postby Tom on Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:55 am

Posting for a friend:


I'm planning a seminar on the weekend of June 23 and 24 in Seattle. It will run 4 hours each day, split into morning and afternoon: 10 - 12 and then 2 - 4 PM both days.

It will have a unique setup in that there will be two instructors. One is me you should already know and love/hate based on existing materials or experiences. The other is my senior Benjamin Lo classmate Wayne Abramson. Wayne is a super experienced long-time martial arts adept, one of the very best and tightest of Ben Lo's original San Francisco inner circle. He worked with some attendees at my 2017 event last summer on adjusting their Zheng Style postures and movements, and I got tremendous feedback how great that was, both for long time ZMQ practitioners (even teachers) down to raw beginners who'd never even done any Tai Chi at all before.

On the Tai Chi side, there aren't that many super inner circle Ben Lo senior students teaching these days. Yes, there are some, but even of those, very few (counted on fingers of one hand) are at the level of Wayne and dare I say, myself, in terms of duration and intensity of exposure to the full on-site fire of Ben's unique approach. This isn't your hippie New York version, this is West Coast ZMQ - uncut mainlined Ben Lo patented.

Both of us two, and most especially Wayne, are able to mimic or clone the "Ben Lo experience" - that strict and exciting exactitude of principle and structural practice that will fry your thighs, burn your body and brand your mind with the incredibly simple yet almost impossible demands of the Ben Lo 5 Training Principles that leave you feeling soooo good after a session. This is an experience that is rare today and will probably vanish from the world altogether if Ben's most senior people ever gradually wind down their teaching. But it will be fully on offer at our Seattle event this year.

Beyond that, I (Scott Meredith) will be working a lot of push hands, and also general energy methods of Xingyi and Yiquan (no experience required in either art).

The seminar will be held in a large enough venue in lively downtown Seattle, with space to permit parallel sessions, in two different tracks.

TRACK 1: Both days 10 - noon and 2 - 4 PM (four 1-hour sessions per day)

Instructor: Scott M.

Track 1 will focus on:

(a) Energy cultivation training through methods from Tai Chi (ZMQ and Chen Village Style), Xingyiquan, and Yi Quan;

(b) Interactive Partner Drills based on Zheng Style Tai Chi "push hands", a variety of enjoyable non-martial but non-choreographed interactive sensitivity experiences.

TRACK 2: Both days 10 - noon and 2 - 4 PM (four 1-hour sessions per day)

Instructor: Wayne A.

Track 2 will focus exclusively on Principles, Postures, and Performance of basic Zheng Style Tai Chi stances and movements. If you can get even one single pose set up and adjusted by Wayne you won't soon forget it. And the teaching points for that carry over to every single pose and transition in the full Zheng Tai Chi 37-step form. But even if you don't know any Zheng Style or any Tai Chi at all, you'll be amazed how much you learn about yourself and your body from this deep, truly unique, work. A big crowd pleaser last year.

The venue is big enough that we can run the two tracks in parallel at the same time. The procedure is simple: having registered (details below) for the weekend, you may attend either Track freely, and any 1-hour "session" in either track will be open at that start of each hour. So you can just do whichever you feel like, staying with a single track all day or all weekend, or switching back and forth at the session boundaries (each hour) as much as you want.

Sorry if it seems complicated but it's actually pretty straightforward in operation.

Fee is: $105 per day; $200 for both days. No money at the door.; payable only via PayPal to:

[email protected]

Pre-Registration Deadline: JUNE 10 2018, midnight. Full refund if you have to cancel due to emergency at last minute.

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