Neigong / Internal Power "Peng Jin" Seminar Frankfurt

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Neigong / Internal Power "Peng Jin" Seminar Frankfurt

Postby Bugang on Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:06 am

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April, 5.-7.2019,

Advanced Seminar, strictly centered around maximizing your (Taijiquan-)Peng-Jin Energy.
Frankfurt / Germany (Frankfurt has a very good traffic connection)

SIFU H. Won Gim, 2nd Disciple of Chu, Gin Soon SIGONG, 2nd Disciple of Yang, Sauchung TAI SIGONG teaches the key to all martial aspects of Taijiquan: PengJin, developed by one-to-one teacher-student training of Push Hand (Tui Sau) and Striking Energy Push Hand (Ta Sau).
Mainly for experienced Practicioners (about 10+ years of Taijiquan [any Style] or other M.A.)

Register quick! SIFU Gim teaches each student individually; so the Workshop is open only to a small group - limited to maximum 15 participants. First come first served.

Enquiries to: [email protected]
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