Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

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Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

Postby jordan on Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:44 am

Hello friends

I'm posting to gauge interest for a Nei Gong seminar hosted by Serge's disciple, Jeremy. He will be coming to Toronto the weekend of March 15, 2019 to lead a full day seminar on Nei Gong (for health, healing, and of course internal martial arts).


The Nei Gong of the Daxuan family

​Before going into depth and detail about the evolution of the Daxuan practice, the first and most important aspect of this training is to understand the concrete, "down to earth" mechanisms of energy work, giving space to direct experience and common sense and leaving aside the imagination and fantasies.Whoever dreams, visualizes energy and imagines sensations is not actually practicing. Like any system which is grounded in reality, the understanding and use of Internal Force is practical and effective, experienced and usable. For this, the Daxuan form allows a solid and real experience!

The Nei Gong of the Daxuan Family consists of 6 differents forms, each devided into three parts with 9 Cycles altogether. The 6 Forms are:

- Knowing Qi, The Basic Daxuan Nei Gong Form

- Health and Vitality - The Qi form

- Internal Strength - The Power Form

- Depth of the Spirit - The Mind Form

- Spiritual Study - The Spiritual Form

- Secret Revealed - The Daxuan Non-Form

These forms consist of variations which focus on one aspect of our tradition more than others. The first three levels of study focus on the physical and the Qi going from basic knowledge of our Qi Gong practice and the training of Nei Gong to techniques which will increases your vitality. The fourth level will prepare you to nourish the spirit to connect to the Spiritual (the fifth level). The last level, more dark and mysterious, carries the shamanic roots, the immortals of Teng She and the Serpent God of the Origin of the World… Very different from the other 5 levels!

These 6 forms can also be seen as the 6 lines of a Hexagram

1st Line: Knowing Qi, The Basic Daxuan Nei Gong Form

This is the beginning where there is everything and nothing: we are not yet in the subject!

And not yet in the real practice either.

Once this is realized and established it is possible to go further

2nd Line: Health and Vitality - The Qi form

This is the Daxuan Health Form for Vitality, which "forces" an abundance of Qi through the training and brings you to your maximum energy potential. With this daily practice, you will achieve an overall stability and root yourselves in the world, your head touching the stars, and your body grounded, Man between Heaven and Earth.

This now raises the question of the use of this new potential. Indeed, those who practice daily can already "play" with the Qi, but we must learn to use the Qi more accurately, to turn the rays of light into a Laser beams!

This is the purpose of the third variation of the Daxuan Form

3rd Line: Internal Strength - The Power Form

This stage is for the development of Internal Force, it is the form which shows how to use your potential with more profound experimentation of the Energetic world. This is also the form for Martial and Combative Force, a way to mix the innate and acquired Jing: The Way of the Master.

Being permeable to the tangible and energetic worlds through your practice, will lead you to a higher sensitivity of the existing manifested forces.

The third line in the Hexagram "the Yao" is the transition from gross to subtle. It is the most fragile and the most "dangerous" stage of the practice. Indeed, here you can get sucked into the dark side and the feeling of being "powerful".

This is why the work of the Internal Force requires you master the foundations, with a clear connection to the Lineage and clarification of your personal Way.

This leads us to the fourth line of the Hexagram, one that will connect you to One Way, United and Complete.

4th Line: The Depth of the Spirit - The Mind Form

The form trained at this stage is very simple and yet very complex at the same time, as it focuses both on the mind and the emotions in a very internal way. Here, nothing is perceived from the outside, everything is felt and manifested within. Therefore, it is quite difficult to access for the experienced practitioner and hermetically sealed to the novice. Besides, part of the form is individualized and no one practices it in the same way.

This in itself is an accomplishment of the way as it gives access to the subtlety of one’s humanity.

The training at this stage is perfectly in connection with the Great Seal and the experiences from previous practices will nourish this great immersion in the invisible world in which all that has been done previously becomes one. The form is minimalist in order to have high availability of the mind and a flawless connection to the Invisible World. This aspect of the practice is a treasure of our School.

5th Line: Spiritual Study - The Spiritual Form

The 5th line represents the “Place of the Emperor” in the Hexagram and the Spiritual aspect in Daxuan. Here, the actual training of the form is directed by the "Ba Shen", the 8 Gods.

The great qualities of the School are manifested in each part of the form, under the protection and strength of the lineage and with specific alignment of Spirit, Energy and Environment, as the form takes into account the directions and points of Power.

This is the level of the practice which really takes into account the three maps of the practitioner: The Environmental map - "Lopan"- the Human Map, and the Heaven Map, all specific to our Tradition.

This powerful, hypnotic and global work is an ancient jewel preserved by our school.

6th Line: Secret Revealed - The Daxuan Non-Form

As the 6th line of the Hexagram goes beyond the given question, the 6th level of DaXuan Practice also goes beyond the form and the structure given by the practice.

This work is by far the most complete and most incredible of our tradition, but it is only the result of all that has been done before.

The Daxuan Form and the Nei Gong of our tradition is an Amazing Treasure and an essential tool for our school.We must explore every aspect of this practice and progress to test every level of teaching.


The move animated by the Breath

Nei Gong or “Internal Work” can only become concrete once the student has assimilated the basics of Wai Gong. Only then do the moves no longer require vigilance to be done correctly: Once the physical motion has been trained and understood, you will be able to shift your attention to the sensation and the breathing.

A conscious perception of the body moving in space, and the synchronism of movement and breath, will multiply the beneficial effects of the practice on your health and on the global circulation in the body. It will also bring you to a stage where you can open yourself, while moving, to the finer perceptions that allow real energetic exchange with the world.

Formal Transmission of the DaXuan School NEI GONG

This particular teaching comes directly from the Zhang Clan, the Clan of Zhang Jiao, whose practices can be traced back to the year 170.
This is the foundation of our tradition for training the body and producing Qi.
The formal transmission of the Da Xuan School Nei Gong relies on all the teachings of Inner Alchemy, but here expressed in movement. These practices will therefore nourish our healing methods, our fighting arts, our vitality, but also and above all they will be an important preparation to conscious death.

Would anyone here be interested? I know there are a few of us in the Ontario and surrounding area.

There is also potential for a second day workshop specifically geared towards martial arts, perhaps Xing Yi Quan of the Li Cun Yi line ? Although Taiji and Zhang Zhao Dong Bagua could be options as well.
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Re: Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

Postby eddie mush on Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:36 am

Great news Jordan. Jeremy is an excellent practitioner of our school and a very skilled instructor who is experienced in teaching our material. Anyone interested will not be dissapointed.
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Re: Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

Postby David Boxen on Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:14 am

I might be interested, since I'm in Toronto and it is always fun to see what other people do.
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Re: Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

Postby jordan on Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:23 pm

Cool David, I will be sure to update this page when the event is formally announced. It will be on Saturday March 16th, probably in the west end at either Dovercourt house or that nice space on Shaw by Trinity Bellwoods.

"eddie", nice to see you here :) . I am seeing the man who knows a little more about the discussion we recently had over Facebook for dinner tonight. Reading your reply just now reminded me to follow up
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Re: Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

Postby jordan on Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:57 am


Here is the final event page! March 16 2019 in Toronto, ON. Held downtown in Chinatown at the OCTCM chinese medicine school. There's an earlybird rate that will be honoured until February 1.

The subject of this workshop will cover everything from being happy in your life, to IMA and any other physical pursuits, to other more esoteric and Daoist practices.

Send the FB Page hosts a message with any questions! Thanks

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Re: Da Xuan (Serge Augier lineage) seminar in Toronto, Canada

Postby I-mon on Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:46 pm

Serge's Neigong system is gold! Definitely recommend checking this out.
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