Traditional Daoist Medicine Seminar w. Serge Augier

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Traditional Daoist Medicine Seminar w. Serge Augier

Postby eddie mush on Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:06 am

I'm hosting my teacher Serge Augier the 16. - 17. of march in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The topic is Traditional Daoist Medicine Seminar – Introduction, Theory and Practical use of Daoist Medicine with Serge Augier


The first day, Serge Augier will explain the concepts of Daoist Medicine in details.

- Daoist perspective on health

- Daoist views on healing

- Reality of Yuan Qi (Original Energy) & diagnosis

- Qualities of healing

- Strategy of treatment and tools

- Process of treatment

The second day, we will experiment some of the Daoist Medicine Healing Techniques.

- Nei Gong (internal work) & Treatment

- Different tools of treatment

- 5 diagnosis test

- Qi treatment evolution

Full description and tickets can be found here:

Facebook event can be found here:

I welcome anybody to Copenhagen to participate and see the healing side of our tradition.

Martin Lund Rasmussen

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