Xinyi-liuhequan courses in Huainan China

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Xinyi-liuhequan courses in Huainan China

Postby Trick on Sat May 25, 2019 2:23 am

Huainan City welcomes practitioners beginners as well as experienced to study the exciting Chinese martial art of Xinyi-Liuhequan. The head of Huainan WuShu Association who is also a major teacher of XYLH in Anhui province wish to see this particular martial art and Chinese martial arts in general to spread and flourish happily welcomes practitioners from all over the world to Huainan to study traditional Chinese Gung-Fu. The City of Huainan is not as Shanghai or Beijing, it’s much smaller and by so lesser hustle and bustle but big enough to offer all the convenience of the bigger metropolitans. Huainan is conveniently located in China with just a few hours train ride with the modern high speed train to both Shanghai and Beijing and even quicker to Nanjing and many other places that can be of interest. Day trips can easily be arranged to the famously beautiful Huangshan-Yellow Mountain that with its spectacular peaks has inspired Chinese artists for ages. Cost for a two week stay including accommodation, meals and of course training with some of the best teachers around of the fascinating martial art Xinyi-Liuhequan is just 5000 RMB. Anyone interested are most welcome to PM me for further information. Hope to see you in Huainan, Rick :)
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