Guillem (Patrick Kelly student), Boston, Sept 2019

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Guillem (Patrick Kelly student), Boston, Sept 2019

Postby charlie_cambridge on Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:31 pm

Hi all,

Organizing a weekend seminar this September 2019 near Boston with Guillem Bernardo, student of Patrick Kelly (<Huang Sheng shyan<Cheng Man Ching) and instructor at Patrick’s 9 clouds studio in Shanghai.

Sincerely interested practitioners of all levels welcome (Patrick’s approach has beginners doing same exercises including push hands from day one and following along to best of their ability; older students do same exercises and work on refining more internally)

Preference for Yang (esp Ben Lo and Maggie Newman students in good standing with that community—I studied with both Ben and Maggie prior to meeting Patrick and consider any of their acknowledged students to be in my “tai chi family”)/Wu practitioners (Patrick was a good friend of Ma Yueliang), or Chen/Bagua/other Neijia practitioners with an open mind and the attitude that the art belongs to the world and skill is universal, does not belong to or reside exclusively with any single lineage, name, family or race.

one or more sessions, each session probably 4 hours at rate of $75 for a four hour session:
focus will be on
a) Huang’s loosening exercises,
b) form (probably Huang’s version of CMC 37 short form depending on who attends—same postures but slightly different (external) transitions/dynamics than either Ben Lo or NYC Shr Jung students teach),
c) push hands (Huang’s 8 exercises), pushing with honest intention but fixed form (i.e. pushing purely for training not competition) attempting to catch Guillem with an honest push is probably fair game but randomly pushing out beginners (other seminar attendees/strangers) is a big No-No
d) guided meditation (based on Daoist 8 paths and modified with other elements by Patrick)

Please message me if interested! (or let me know if private messages don’t work on this site and I’ll set myself up a taiji gmail or something).
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